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Excel Audio Visual Solutions

Connection, Collaboration and Cost Savings.

Make a personal connection with customers and employees anywhere, without leaving your office.  

From small groups to large audiences, Excel’s audio visual designs give you the power to collaborate and communicate anywhere, anytime.  

Webinars, training, technical support, product demonstrations, and company-wide announcements are all made more powerful when the audience can see and hear almost as well as being there in person.  

Connect, Collaborate and Save Money

Connect people quickly, no matter the location.  Excel’s Audio Visual designs allow instant, effective interpersonal connections.  Face to face communication encourages more personal relationships and decreases the misunderstandings that can occur with email between people dispersed over many locations.

Collaborate from your location with team members and customers around the world.  Excel will custom design an Audio/Video system that allows you to maximize the impact of your presentations and build stronger relationships.  When your team is able to communicate and collaborate visually, you increase productivity and decrease costs.

Save thousands of dollars each year by reducing travel expenses.  Audio Visual Systems provide the communication and collaboration you need, while saving time and money spent on business travel.  You also save precious time when you can get together instantly when changes are made or updates are necessary for a project.  

Evaluation, Installation, Training, and Support

Excel’s experienced staff and certified engineers will evaluate your site, conferencing needs and goals to design the best Audio-Visual Conferencing/Presentation system for your organization.  Whether it’s in a training room, conference room, classroom or cafeteria.  No matter your environment, we will come up with the right AV solution for your unique needs.  

After our expert installation, we insure all users are proficient with the system in order to maximize its use.  And, Excel is there for you with continued support for your AV conference system whenever you need us.  

We install complete, end-to-end standards-based systems featuring:

  • High Definition Displays
    Mission critical charts, PowerPoint slides, websites, and other key visuals look crisp and sharp, insuring your message will not be lost.
  • Projectors
    Clear, bright projections allow a large group to view your information easily in any light.
  • Video Conferencing Units
    Allow for the ultimate in visual collaboration between several people in multiple locations.
  • Cabling
    Proper design and implementation is key for your AV system, and Excel has unique expertise in cabling systems to provide speed and reliability.
  • Audio Conferencing Systems
    Your presentations have never sounded better. Surround sound speakers deliver your message loud and clear.
  • Wireless Presentation Options
    Your meeting, unplugged.  Wireless options allow for flexibility for set-up and more ease of movement. Using wireless microphones, presenters can now move freely around the room to make the best impact.
  • Custom GUI Interfaces
    Designed to meet your unique business needs.

Contact us today for a free, no obligation Site Survey to explore how your organization can best utilize the latest audio video conference technology to save money and improve vital communication. 

The best AV products are expertly installed including: