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A Festive Celebration: Our 2023 Christmas Party at Indian Valley Country Club

On the day of December 9th, 2023, our team gathered at the elegant Indian Valley Country Club to celebrate the holiday season. The event commenced at 11:45 am, welcoming all employees to a day filled with joy, gratitude, and the Christmas spirit.

Inspiring Speeches and a Great Lunch

The early afternoon was marked by moving speeches from our President, Kristen Mallonee, and COO/CFO, Derek Loux. Their sincere expressions of gratitude for the team’s hard work and dedication set a warm tone.

After that, we all enjoyed a great lunch from the buffet, with lots of tasty options for everyone.

Heartfelt Talks from Local Community Leaders

We welcomed speakers from local outreach organizations. Jason Black, Senior Director at Revivals, who shared insights into the impactful work the organization does for those in need in our community. Terry Derstine, Director and Founder of Sweatshirt of Hope, spoke about the organization’s genesis and its mission to provide hope and warmth to the helpless, hopeless, and homeless. Dale Butler from Gateway Women’s Shelter highlighted the importance of supporting those in need, especially in our local area and neighboring cities.

These talks were particularly significant as our company, along with our employees, have been actively supporting these organizations.

Bingo Fun and a Surprise Grand Prize

The bingo game was a hit, with 10 unique baskets made by each department up for grabs. Amidst lots of laughs and some friendly rivalry, we had 10 winners. Adding to the fun, Kristen and Derek surprised everyone with a grand prize basket, which Matt C. won, themed around the Philadelphia Eagles. This amped up the excitement and fun at the event.

A Time for Merry Mingling

As the afternoon progressed, employees enjoyed the opportunity to mingle and celebrate the festive season together. It was a time to reflect on the year’s accomplishments, the strength of our teamwork, and the spirit of giving that defines our company culture. The Christmas party was not just a celebration of the season but a testament to the warmth, generosity, and camaraderie that make our company a remarkable place to work.

As we look back on this day, it’s clear that our 2023 Christmas party was much more than a gathering; it was a manifestation of our shared values and commitment to making a difference, both within our company and in the broader community. Here’s to a season filled with hope, joy, and the spirit of giving!