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Celebrating Togetherness: Our Company Picnic 2023

September 2023 will be remembered as a special month for our company, not just because we moved into our new building, but because of the wonderful company picnic we had at Harleysville Community Park. September 22nd was a day marked by excitement and togetherness, perfectly capturing the spirit of our growing family under one roof.

A Feast of Fun

Our afternoon at the park was filled with the aroma of grilled burgers and hot dogs, cooked by our very own team members. There’s something truly special about sharing a meal prepared by colleagues, transforming an ordinary lunch into a feast of camaraderie and laughter. This wasn’t just about good food; it was about the hands that prepared it and the hearts that shared it.

The Cornhole Championship

One of the day’s highlights was undoubtedly the cornhole tournament. With a total of 22 teams participating, the competition was fierce but friendly. The air was buzzing with cheers and friendly banter as teams battled it out for the coveted title of Cornhole Champion. Congratulations to Ryan W and Michael M for clinching the first place, and a hearty well-done to Darin M and Chris K for their impressive second place finish. It was a fantastic display of skill, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

More Than Just a Gathering

Beyond the food and games, this picnic was a celebration of a new chapter in our company’s story. Moving into our new building earlier in the month was a significant milestone. This gathering was our way of acknowledging that. It was heartwarming to see new friendships being formed and old ones strengthened. The raffle giveaway added an extra layer of excitement, but the true prize was the time spent together, creating memories that we will cherish for years to come.

As we look forward to more such gatherings, we are reminded of how fortunate we are to be part of a team that values connection and joy. Here’s to many more years of working, growing, and celebrating together!