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Security Systems
Excel Communication Worldwide, inc.

Excel Security Systems

Let our certified design estimators and engineers meet your precise specifications.

Excel Communications Worldwide, Inc can design a system that encompasses all your security needs. We can offer a full solution package for any of the following applications:

  • CCTV/Surveillance
  • IP and Video Management
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Door Hardware 
  • Access Control 
  • Multi-tenant Living Facilities
  • Data Center Integration 
  • Other Specialty Systems 
  • AutoCAD/BIM Services/As-Build Documentation

At ECW, we provide our customers with turn-key design solutions. We have a well-versed team of design engineers with years of experience within several markets. Our certified team is dedicated to designing systems for anything from video surveillance, to intrusion detection and access control. Furthermore, we have a New Jersey State Burglar Alarm License to install Access Control, IP Camera Systems and Burglar Alarm systems. 

Installation Services

Excel Communications Worldwide, Inc. provides all our customers with quality work; regardless of project size. We are fluent in large construction work and can help your company meet any security needs. We provide our customers with submittals, weekly management schedules, quality reports, safety reports, test results, IP tracking, one-year workmanship warranties and much more.

ECW has over 30 years of experience in low-voltage work! Some of our vertical markets include: 

Data centers

ECW can be your provider of data center security. Let us guard your valuable data using the latest and greatest technology for intrusion detection, video management systems and access control.

Distribution centers

We offer years of experience in high volume distribution center security. ECW can deliver security for your facility on a schedule that works for you. 

Office environments

Let us secure your office from theft, vandalism, and personal incidents. We offer glass break detection, electrified door hardware, security key panels, card reader access, video detection and various options to keep your office safe.

Multi-tenant living facilities 

Life is precious. ECW can secure any multi-tenant facility. We specialize in door hardware, card reader access and video management technology. We will ensure your tenants have peace of mind while protecting your business.

ECW also offers extensive expertise in the following markets: 

  • Manufacturing 
  • Educational Campus 
  • Government
  • Healthcare 
  • Retail 
  • Federal facilities
  • Small multisite branch office facilities

No matter the size of the business, we can help you meet your security goals. 

Advanced Monitoring and Maintenance Services 

ECW offers an array of security monitoring and maintenance packages. This includes traditional burglary alarm monitoring, advanced video monitoring and more. ECW can customize maintenance agreements to fit your company's needs. With ECW's national footprint, let us protect your business. 

  • Monitoring services from a FM and UL listed provider 
  • Customized packages for your company - 1, 2 or 3 year options 
  • Level One - Basic Coverage (motion detectors, sensors at ports of entry, smoke & fire detection) 
  • Level Two - Basic Plus Coverage (include all basic coverage, additionally lights, thermostats and locks. Customer has the option to disarm and arm remotely) 
  • Level Three - Premium Coverage (package includes Basic package, Basic Plus package and ability to view video alarms I remote-in via app)