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AV-As-A-Service (AVaaS)

What is AV-As-A-Service (AVaaS)?

Our Audio-Visual-as-a-Service (AVaaS) subscription program is a user-based technology solution offering. AVaaS provides organizations with the use of industry-leading AV technology solutions combined with our fully-managed, comprehensive, support and maintenance service package. 

Discover an all-inclusive hassle-free technology experience. Say hello to desired outcomes and
goodbye to the burdens of technology ownership.

Exclusive Features of Excel's AV-As-A-Service Program

Pay for your hardware-intensive technology solutions + maintenance & support services as one monthly subscription payment with exclusive and unmatched protection, flexibility, and control.

Multiyear Maintenance & Support Services

With AVaaS you'll experience and receive access to our
comprehensive support and maintenance services, for the
entire term. You focus on operating and outcomes, while we focus on your maintenance, updates, repairs, and additional
support within your selected SLA package. Think of us as an
extension of your team. Enjoy peace of mind with access to our
team of technology experts for one convenient monthly subscription payment.

Solution Replacement Guarantee

The SRG is a proprietary and exclusive feature of our AVaaS offering that protects customers from the risk of technology obsolescence. Upgrade to new technology at any point in the term if the solution no longer meets your needs or the technology becomes obsolete. The existing agreement will be completely forgiven. No rollover balances or penalties.

Natural Disaster Coverage

Another exclusive feature of our AVaaS solution is the Act of
God protection. In the event of a natural disaster; fire, lightning, tornado, etc., if your technology is damaged, your deductible is paid for, 100 percent, up to $5,000

Do You Prefer Outcomes or Ownership?

When owning AV technology it will need repairs, and updates, and can quickly become obsolete. Either in part due to technology advancements or your needs change. Replacement is inevitable and happens sooner than anticipated, forcing another large capital purchase, and the cycle continues.

However, AVaaS removes this financial drain and lets organizations focus on their desired outcomes, versus the cumbersome technology refresh cycle associated with ownership models.

Managed by Industry Leading Experts

Monthly payment includes our Gold Care level maintenance and support coverage.

Enhanced Peace of Mind & Protection

Protection against obsolescence. Always remain at the forefront of technology with exclusive SRG

Remove Ownership Constraints

Never get handcuffed to obsolete technology or worry about unforeseen service expenses.

All-Inclusive Comprehensive Solutions

A total solution for one predictable monthly payment that includes your hardware, maintenance, repair, training, & more.

Preserve Capital & Predict Budgets

Enjoy a low monthly predictable operating expense monthly payment. Preserve capital for more revenue-generating business needs.

Focus On Operations & Outcomes

Industry-leading technology experts will keep your solution operating optimally while you focus on the desired outcomes.

Want to Learn More?

Watch this short video to learn more about the unique & exclusive features of our AV-As-A-Service (AVaaS) solution.