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Security Systems

Our Security Systems

We strive to partner with our clients in understanding their business aspirations and security needs to ensure the fulfillment of their current and future plans and goals. 

The safety and protection of your assets is our #1 concern! That’s why our ownership team founded Integrated Security Systems to specifically focus on this critical lifeline for our clients’ businesses. 

Please visit Integrated Security Systems to learn more about our business security solutions.

Physical Security

Effective security protects your employees, your assets, and your resources. Considering the variety of risks you face as a business, it is of first importance that your security system is sensitive to every threat, and fully integrated to provide a complete web of security.

Information Security

Providing security goes beyond implementing advanced technology solutions. It includes providing our customers with a relationship that offers confidence in the service we deliver.

What We Do

Access Control

Efficiently control and secure access to your premises using our access control solutions. Our systems offer a thorough method for enhancing security and simplifying authorized management.


Secure your premises from break-ins with our advanced intrusion systems. Our systems offer vigilant surveillance and prompt response to potential security threats, ensuring a strong, multi-layered defense.

Video Management

Video management systems are an essential part of security surveillance. Our systems enable high-performance video streaming, and cutting-edge analytics for streamlined operation and security management.

Nurse Call Systems

Our systems are designed to enhance communication efficiency in healthcare facilities, delivering steadfast and uninterrupted support for essential healthcare communications.


We design systems for reliability, ensuring messages are delivered clearly and promptly across various settings. We can guarantee clear, effective communication that allows for quick and efficient alerts in urgent situations.

Visitor Management

Visitor Management creates flexible visitation workflows that respond to your organization seamlessly by delivering premium experiences for visitors and employees alike. With VMS, you can turn your lobby into a safe entry point that enhances security while making a great first impression by automating sign-in and reducing wait-times.

Intercom Systems

An intercom system is an electronic device that enables two-way communication between people. Intercom systems also allow people in a building to grant property access to visitors by opening a door or gate remotely.

For over a century, intercom systems have helped us secure buildings and simplify property access. Intercoms have the power to improve both safety and convenience at all kinds of properties. From offices and apartment buildings to gated communities and industrial facilities, any property that requires managed visitor access can benefit from an intercom system.

Panic Alarm Systems

For any important or time-sensitive message, Mass Notification system allows you to engage in real-time, two-way interactions with any size audience using our text alert system. Our industry-leading interface also enables voice, email, app push, social, desktop alerts, and unlimited custom channels so that you can easily get the word out fast.

Consultative Approach

Initial Call

Arrange a preliminary assessment with our team of experts.

Meeting on Site

Walk and review your existing system, to determine what is lacking and what is needed.


Our team will work together to put an estimate together in an efficient, timely manner, then present it to you.

Review Deliverables

Review and approve the proposal, after which our team will collaborate with all departments to ensure a smooth project execution.

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