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Wifi/DAS Systems
Excel Communication Worldwide, inc.

Wifi/DAS Systems

Site Survey

A site survey will be conducted to determine where there are strong radio frequency signals and where there are weak signals. This will set the groundwork to maximize the coverage area of the wireless system and minimize signal interference. This will set the groundwork to maximize the coverage area of the wireless system and minimize signal interference. During this survey, Excel Communications Worldwide, Inc. will actively and passively scan the radio frequency channels and maximize the number of data points collected for an accurate assessment of the structure and surrounding area. This will ensure consistent signal coverage throughout the building including areas such as parking garages, elevators, stairwells and higher-level floors and any special places such as a boardroom or an executive’s office.

Installation, Cabling, Rack & Stack

    • Installation – ECW will ensure the appropriate number of trained and experienced staff to support the site’s cabling infrastructure needs, with staff augmentation as needed to support high volume periods. ECW staff is multi-skilled, cross-trained and equipped with ancillary skills to support the complete needs of the site, including scheduling, warehouse/receiving, inventory management and asset tracking, database management, space planning and other ancillary skills.

    • Cabling – When your commercial communications need to operate at Web speed, scalable fiber-optic cabling systems are critical to success. Using BICSI-certified design engineers and BICSI-registered installers, ECW will help you implement the most demanding structured cabling specifications. 

    • Rack & Stack – ECW configures, tests, installs and deploys a wide array of rack and stack services that include both on-site installations and remote/ship rack and stack. Our experienced teams can significantly reduce the drain on internal resources during commissioning and large projects and in remote areas where a client may not have trained internal resources. Since fewer internal resources are needed, project cost is reduced, and timelines are accelerated, resulting in additional cost benefits. 

Excel Communications Worldwide, Inc. will perform a thorough review of each system included as part of the scope and ask questions if it appears there is any gap. Excel Communications Worldwide, Inc will also work closely with manufacturers and distribution to ensure there are additional materials available (except for custom orders) to deal with any last-minute needs. ECW has a dedicated QA team that trains employees and performs quality assurance inspections and works with each of its customers to develop monitoring reports based on individual customer needs.

Excel Communications Worldwide, Inc. Professionals can provide aftermarket MAC services that can help optimize in-building public safety radio amplification, cellular and wireless solutions. Losing service can cost lives and money. If the communications capabilities of your workforce, customers and suppliers are limited, in-building wireless solutions provided by Excel Communications Worldwide, Inc. can enable you to take control of your wireless communications and bring quality and reliability to wide-area voice and data service.

SpiderCloud Wireless

SpiderCloud Wireless is the innovator behind the breakthrough, scalable small cell system that enables mobile operators to deliver scalable and unprecedented coverage, capacity and cloud services to enterprises and venues — wherever there's a LAN.

One SpiderCloud 3G/LTE or LTE/LTE indoor system of up to 100 Radio Nodes is deployable by a mobile operator in just days using SON, and is proven to handle 100s of thousands of data sessions and handovers on a daily basis while providing reliable voice and data coverage for hundreds to thousands of employees, with the ability to scale to 1.5 Million square feet with just one Services Node connection to the mobile core network. The scalable system architecture simplifies deployment and overall network configuration for mobile operators as they address pent-up demand for reliable mobile services from enterprise and large venue customers.